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“mom: i really have to stop doing this. i need to get a life.

i think she’s directing this at herself, or the universe, not really at me. still, i can’t help thinking that ‘getting a life’ is something only a complete idiot could believe. like you can just drive to a store and get a life. see it in its shiny box and look inside the plastic window and catch a glimpse of yourself in a new life and say, ‘wow, i look much happier — i think this is the life i need to get!’ take it to the counter, ring it up, put it on your credit card. if getting a life was that easy, we’d be one blissed-out race. but we’re not. so it’s like, mom, your life isn’t out there waiting, so don’t think all you have to do is find it and get it. no, your life is right here. and, yeah, it sucks. lives usually do. so if you want things to change, you don’t need to get a life. you need to get off your ass.
(Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green, David Levithan)

My name is Ange, I'm Italian and I'm 24. I like films, tv and kdramas.

I'm not adding, unleass I know you from somewhere else (i.e. tumblr). I'm not really that interesting and my vocabulary is quite poor. Feel free to ask, though. For a better idea of what I like/who I am, just take a look here.

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